Welcome to ghsnewschool!

Hello everyone!

This blog will be our most comprehensive point of communication with Greenwich Public Schools staff, parents, students, community members, and anyone else interested in following the design of the new school (currently “ROSE”) at Greenwich High School. We’re a team devoted to redesigning what school could look like for any student willing to take the leap into a deeper, project-based, cross-disciplinary learning environment for their core academic classes.

Note that above we have some pages (most notably the Program Overview) with some permanent information and resources we think will be helpful. There’s a link to follow us for more updates and posts will be categorized for ease of access. We’ll run some series of posts (you’ll see [Brackets] in the titles) that have a common theme.

We ask that you explore the resources and submit your own, spread the word, and comment on posts – a living, breathing blog with vibrant discussion will help us along the way.

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