Weekly Wrap-up (6.27.14)

Kyaiera and Christina have been posting all week, so we’ll make this wrap-up short…ish.

1. Read their posts!

  • Christina describes deeper learning and hits the nail on the head when she writes “No one can single-handedly come up with the perfect assignment or the perfect project.  Teachers and students need each other to create deeper learning.”
  • The High Tech High session that inspired her article was by Will Haase. I scrolled through his Information for Educators and stumbled on a great Alfie Kohn article I read a while back. It’s worth the read.
  • Kyaiera was also inspired by the creativity of a third-year teacher at High Tech High. Her three mentions – chalk talk, student documentarian, and fair system grouping – are those ideas that make you go “Bah! Why didn’t I think of that?”
  • Kyaiera also learned of a teacher whose research “showed that students believe teachers want answers from them and do not value questions.” Read how the teacher completely changed her 5th graders’ mindsets.

2. We appreciate the comments people leave and hope you can share some of our wonderings and work with others.

3. Tuesday’s post will include a description of what we imagine could be a day in the life of students in the new program.

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