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The Seeds of Innovation

The best back to school PD day I ever had didn’t involve administrators, union leadership, or even fellow teachers speaking and presenting. Instead, all of the Stamford Public School teachers gathered in an auditorium and listened to Neil deGrasse Tyson, … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up (7.25.14)

Less than a month until we’re back! (Hide your excitement until the end of the post.) What we’ve been discussing: we’re still fine tuning the new name. We hope to share soon and that it’s the most accurate reflection of what … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Visit to MIT’s D-Lab

While visiting Boston with some friends, Sarah arranged to take a tour of MIT’s D-Lab, where she met with the director of their Youth Outreach program.  During their tour, Sarah got a peak at how they arrange a learning space … Continue reading

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[FAQ] What is STEM?

In its most literal sense the commonly used acronym “STEM” refers to “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.”  Within the traditional framework of disciplinary coursework, STEM thus encompasseses an institution’s collection of courses offered in each of these four disparate content … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up (7.18.14)

We hope you’re enjoying your summer. Here’s some updates and resources from the team. Mike’s article on Problem-based learning is a great survey of the literature and research out there. Definitely worth a read. We’ve pretty much come to a … Continue reading

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Problem-based Learning

On the first day of school, I show my students the classroom scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In it, Ben Stein, speaking in an unwavering monotone, “teaches” an economics lesson to a class of bored students. More like a … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up (7.11.14)

Hi all, The wrap-up is back after a 4th of July holiday. Some news and notes over the last two weeks: What we’ve been chatting about: – names for the program ahead of our July 20th deadline – Sarah’s micro-view … Continue reading

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[FAQ] Why? Defining the Need… Part II

In my first post delving into this topic, I attempted to provide the broadest, longest range perspective on why the team believes the new school initiative at Greenwich High School is not only a great idea but a necessary one. … Continue reading

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[FAQ] What Could a School Day Look Like?

The following represents what we think may occur in a typical student day. We hope you comment, ask questions, and give feedback. These ideas are certain to evolve over time. Jack arrives at school and meets another student in one … Continue reading

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