Weekly Wrap-up (7.11.14)

Hi all,

The wrap-up is back after a 4th of July holiday. Some news and notes over the last two weeks:

What we’ve been chatting about:
– names for the program ahead of our July 20th deadline
– Sarah’s micro-view of why we need a program like this
– Brian’s ‘day in the life’ and what it may look like
– discussions on topics such as PBL as a whole or math’s specific role
– Sarah met with a professor at the Neag School of Ed at UConn to chat about a role higher ed could play and to get feedback on our work so far

Another public high school doing almost exactly what we’re proposing this fall:
Program Expands Definition of Education (6/27/2014)

A video you should watch (worth the 30 min!)
Developing an Innovation-Driven Workforce

Articles we found interesting:
Can the Maker Movement Infiltrate Mainstream Classrooms? (Mind/Shift, 7/2/2014)
Why Public Schools Struggle to Innovate (Gettingsmart, 7/1/2014)
(Opinion) K12 Innovators: Take the Red Pill (edsurge, 5/3/2014)
A School that Ditches All the Rules, But not the Rigor (7/9/2014) – this quote is especially notable: “We would much rather define rigor as the pursuit of solving a really difficult task that you care about solving. And that persistence can be taught in that way as opposed to, “Yeah, let’s teach kids persistence by having them do this thing that they couldn’t care less about, but it’s really hard and just if you can survive it, that’s persistence.”” (Tedd Wakeman, PlayMaker co-teacher)


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