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Weekly Wrap-up (8.29.14)

1. We spent a large part of our time this week on large-scale design. We spent time choosing common questions we liked for the initial unit we are planning (as mentioned in the last wrap up). It’s still a work in … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up (8.22.14)

Wow, do we have work to do. Updates below: 1. Thank you to all of the positive comments we have received about our summer blogging. We love the discussion and answering your questions in person. However, this only helps you; posting your … Continue reading

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Learning Math in a PBL Program is Way Different (and that’s okay!)

Since this project started, I’ve constantly struggled to see where math fits into a project-based learning environment. The math most of our students would naturally use in academic research is heavy in statistics, modeling, and basic Algebra/Geometry. Conversely, the standard … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up (8.15.14)

The last summer wrap-up! 1. We are very excited to start meeting again in lieu of endless chains of reply-all emails. We are extremely fortunate for our new space over in the D-wing to work this year and it will be … Continue reading

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The Problem of Creating Better Mentoring Solved Through PBL Environments

In my career as a teacher, and now especially as an Assistant Dean, I have often pondered the tough questions about education.  Why do some students of average or better intellect fail while others succeed?  Why is there an “achievement … Continue reading

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“What Might Assessment Look Like?” Part One

The word “assessment” is a loaded one. It can strike fear in the hearts of teachers and students alike. Does quality assessment look like neat bubbles filled in with No. 2 pencil, five paragraphs, a poster, or something else? Should … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up (8.8.2014)

The Weekly Wrap-up loves lists. Here’s what’s happening in our world: 1. We finally decided on a permanent name – check out the GHS Innovation Lab announcement if you haven’t already. With a new name comes a new layout – … Continue reading

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Sarah’s visit to Drexel University’s ExCITe Center

Tuesday I had the opportunity to spend the day at Drexel University’s ExCITe (Expressive and Creative Interaction Technologies) Center in Philadelphia.  The center’s mission: to bring together “faculty, students, and entrepreneurs from engineering, fashion design, digital media, performing arts, computer … Continue reading

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GHS Innovation Lab

We’re excited to share that we’ll be calling the new program the GHS Innovation Lab from here on out. At our retreat in June, we mentioned wanting a name that reflects deeper learning in and for the real world; after months … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up (8.1.2014)

1. If you haven’t already, check out Kyaiera’s post about what it will take to innovate at school. 2. Sarah continues to be fantastic and is visiting Drexel’s ExCITe Center next week and will have a summary for us! 3. … Continue reading

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