Weekly Wrap-up (8.8.2014)

The Weekly Wrap-up loves lists. Here’s what’s happening in our world:

1. We finally decided on a permanent name – check out the GHS Innovation Lab announcement if you haven’t already. With a new name comes a new layout – we hope you like it!

2. As promised, Sarah visited Drexel’s ExCITe Center – take a look at her reflection. With so many links to check out, it is a great source of inspiration/motivation coming into the school year.

3. A handful of other places in education using Innovation in their name:
Harvard’s Innovation Lab (i-lab) serves a range of students with a focus on project-based learning and less structured environments.
– NYC is experimenting with it’s own Innovation Zone – check out the blog post on it for what they’re up to.
– MIT’s Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) focuses on engaging members of MIT in projects that benefit the community around them. Google “MIT” and “innovation” and you’ll find they love the word innovation.
– The University of Florida’s Innovation Hub provides support for technologies stemming from university work.
– NYU Wagner’s Innovation Labs look to “marry theory and practice,” a direct parallel to our work.
– The South Dakota Innovation Labs take the project-based learning model to the rural classroom.
– Closer to home, Stamford, CT’s Innovation Ed @ Stamford Innovation Center focuses on providing hands-on education to start-ups and new business professionals.

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