Weekly Wrap-up (8.15.14)

The last summer wrap-up!

1. We are very excited to start meeting again in lieu of endless chains of reply-all emails. We are extremely fortunate for our new space over in the D-wing to work this year and it will be nice to see it in person and turn it into a creative space for our own innovation. Hopefully, we can find some time in between all of the other start-of-the-year activities to begin to game-plan.

2. We have begun a list of items that need discussing as school starts. In addition, looking back at our June retreat, we set the following list of goals to be done by September 20th (one month into school):
a. Complete a sample seminar “unit” with an interdisciplinary essential question, including sample project ideas and resources to complete. (in process)
b. Draft metrics for the success of the pilot.
c. Identify tech and app needs.
d. Consolidate blog posts into cohesive statement of purpose, need, and approach. (done)
e. Draft a mission statement. (started in June)
f. Make presentations to faculty during house meetings. (scheduling in process)
g. Schedule and hold regular, small group staff info sessions. (have discussed Friday lunches)
h. Settle on a name (doneand logo.

3. We have six more goals set for October 20th, but we’ll get to those later.

4. These two posts on internships and designing a school from the ground up are very closely aligned to what we are thinking in designing the Innovation Lab.

See you all on Wednesday!


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