Weekly Wrap-up: Engaging Staff and Getting Feedback

1. We spent a good amount of time Monday reframing our answer to the question “why do we need Innovation Lab?” We believe in the merits of the school and wanted to make sure we could accurately articulate that to our colleagues. Many thanks to English, Math, Science, and Social Studies for having us. It’s tough to get on all the departments’ calendars in a school this big, but we are scheduled or in the process of scheduling informational presentations to those remaining. Their feedback is incredibly valuable and we learned a lot during our meetings Wednesday.

2. We also spoke to Paul Schott of the Greenwich Time for about an hour and a half on Tuesday afternoon. The discussion was thorough and we were happy to answer all questions he had for us. We imagine that this won’t be the last meeting and hope that Paul will be an ally in communicating information about Innovation Lab to the greater Greenwich community.

3. Our time Thursday was spent fielding staff questions during lunch. We talked specifically with a PE teacher about how our broad, overarching themes and vision for class time have a ton in common with the standards in Phys. Ed. It opens a window into a world where a small school could encompass more than our four subject areas. It’s the first of many similar conversations.

4. School design is challenging. Our colleagues reminded us of that with their questions this week. Our internal debates remind us of that daily. Our own thoughts remind us of that all the time. It’s important to remember that we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to propose change and offer something innovative for our students. We face daily design challenges, but what polished product doesn’t go through countless iterations? That’s what makes it fun. And it’s what will make it incredibly rewarding, not only for us, but for the students who embrace it.

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