What We’re Reading & Watching (Oct. 2014)

It’s been way too long, but here are some resources we’ve been reading over the last month and a half or so.

Another school doing what we’re doing is New Trier High School out in Chicago. They’ve also got an application process and they are very similar sounding to us.

I don’t know if we’ve posted it before, but Mike has mentioned Thinking Fast and Slow numerous times over the past few weeks, so it’s worth checking out. Kyaiera is reading Disrupting Class on a recommendation from our contact in Hawaii.

Online Articles:
Grading Teachers, With Data From Class
(New York Times, 9/2014)
The Declining Economic Value of Routine Cognitive Work (Dangerously Irrelevant, 9/2014)
Online Education Company edX Offering Free High School Courses (Boston Globe, 9/2014)
Rethinking Assessment: Trusting Teachers to Evaluate Student Learning (Mind/Shift, 6/2013)
It’s Called Blended Learning (not blended teaching) for a Reason (eSchool News, 9/2014)
American Schools are Training Kids for a World that Doesn’t Exist (Wired, 10/2014)

High Tech High’s Common Core Math page is definitely worth checking out.

Have something we should check out? Post it in the comments!


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