Weekly Wrap-up: Meeting with PTAC, Designing… Everything

Screenshot 2014-10-17 at 11.49.45 AM

Our meeting with PTAC.

1. We started the week with a solid discussion about the Innovation Lab Design Studio elective that we are proposing to fall under the Applied Arts. We wanted to be sure we had a clear vision for the course and which parts of what we’re designing fall under that. Those include business presentation skills, computer skills (Excel, etc.), creating and making visual representations of work, and a variety of other tangible outcomes that students will only get in Innovation Lab.

2. Our two hour meeting with the PTA Council (PTAC) was helpful, informative, and gave us a chance to pitch the school to parents who were very receptive and excited about Innovation Lab. Their feedback was positive and they invited us to come speak to the general membership of the PTA In early December. Between that and our info sessions in November, outreach is starting soon and it’s an exciting time for us.

3. With all of the meetings, PR, and creation of materials for students, actually writing unit plans is slow going. Unit 2 surrounds the idea of Identity and we have general themes of “falling up” during the New Deal and WWII, superheroes and American character, modeling the growth of poverty in cities, using CT cities as case studies during WWII, ethical dilemmas, and a bunch of others.

4. Speaking of creating documents with the goal of student understanding of Innovation Lab, we have nearly final drafts of a few handouts. Look for those to appear on the blog very soon. Below is a bit of a preview!

Innovation Lab for Students     Innovation Lab for Students (1)

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