Weekly Wrap-up: Reaching out to Parents

1. The highlight of the week was finally finishing the letter we sent out to parents inviting them to aGHS Innovation Letter to Parents 10.30.14-page-001n info session to learn more about Innovation Lab. It’s tough to describe such a progressive academic offering in just one page, so we appreciate all the emails we’ve received over the last 24 hours asking for more information. The traffic on our site is way up and we hope, whether you’re a parent, student, or community member, that you’ll comment or reach out to a team member for details.

2. We spent a lot of the week working through course proposals and paperwork. It’s definitely not the most fun part of designing Innovation Lab, but it’s necessary. We’re committed to making this work and are keeping our goals in sight.

3. A few members of the Greenwich Alliance stopped by today and heard about some of the details of the program. These exciting discussions were a great way to end the week.

4. Parent/student info sessions begin Monday. We’re excited!

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