Weekly Wrap-up: Recruitment & Outreach Continues

1. We began the week with an info session on Monday night to roughl2014 info sessionsy 45 parents (and a few students) up in the Media Center. As anything in teaching, timing went out the window and a half hour talk turned into an hour and a half presentation/Q&A. The takeaway – parents are interested, intrigued, and overall positive about Innovation Lab. Our next info session is today at noon and we’ll hope for an equally exciting session.

2. We’ve chatted with three more colleges and universities this week. The theme from the 15 or so we’ve talked to so far is keep the transcript clear, indicate which courses are InLab, get some space on the high school profile, consider attaching an InLab-specific profile, and take advantage of the opportunity to create a really descriptive set of counselor/teacher recommendation letters. Higher ed is also clear about honors options and AP classes – be specific about what courses a student has available to them and demonstrate the rigor on the transcript and in letters. We’ve been told time and time again that Innovation Lab sounds exciting and that our students are on the same playing field as the rest of the high school (with the opportunity to have compelling projects to describe during their application process).

3. Our top priority right now is outreach. We want freshman students and parents to be well-informed about their choices for sophomore year. We’re going to any freshman class that will have us and we are going to be running an info-table at lunch twice a week from now on.

That’s the update. If you’d like more information, let us know!

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