Weekly Wrap-up: A Little Bit of Everything

The weeks start to blend together with so many different things happening with regard to Innovation Lab. Here’s what we did:

1. We hosted an info session on Wednesday night – we’ve seen about 150 parents in person now and have one more info session scheduled for Monday, December 15th, at 7 PM in the GHS Media Center Meeting Rooms 1-2. It’s always fun to hear new questions during each meeting.

2. We added New Haven area Southern Connecticut State and Quinnipiac universities to our list of 20+ higher ed institutions. Our goal – tell people about Innovation Lab, get their feedback, and open the dialogue so that when students do apply, schools are familiar with the program.

3. We continue to be invited to classes, even for 3-5 minute updates, and we appreciate the time given. We have also been stopping by to learning centers to have longer conversations with students who have questions or (eek!) misconceptions about InLab. The time is very well spent. We also continue to meet with students one-on-one as part of their application. If they’ve met with us another time (including in a LC, info session, etc.), this part is waived. It’s important for them to get all their questions answered and to get an idea of what sort of assignments they would be doing.

4. We appreciate the teachers who have given us lists of kids who they think would be a great fit for Innovation Lab. This is a major help. Thank you!

5. We’re trying to get a recording of our presentation up online soon. Look for it before winter break.

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