Weekly Wrap-up: Greenwich Free Press stops by!

0. Check us out in the Greenwich Free Press! Major thanks to Sarah Darer Littman and Leslie Yager for stopping by.

Do you really know GHS Innovation Lab?

Five of these are up in the school right now.

1. Seeing so many college freshmen return to GHS right before the winter break is always refreshing. Our old students found their way down to our office and asked why we were down here. We heard things like ‘this is a great idea’ and ‘why wasn’t this here when I was around’ and literally no one who said it was anything other than exciting. We understand why freshmen might be hesitant, but if they talk to an upperclassman or a graduate, the decision seems a lot more appealing.

2. We continue one-on-ones with freshmen and it’s always interesting to hear misconceptions they come in with. By the time they leave, they’re smiling and excited. We made posters detailing misconceptions of Innovation Lab and posted them in the Student Center as well as here on our site.

3. We added UVA and Vanderbilt to our list of colleges to whom we’ve described the program. Vanderbilt mentioned their Curb Center as a similar program that they have – check it out. We chatted again with Brookline SWS and New Trier as well – see our page on more innovative schools for their links. Also, many thanks to our Media Center for again engaging in conversation about how they can be partners with Innovation Lab.

4. We were lucky enough to visit Riverside Elementary School’s Genius Hour. We’ll put out a smaller separate post on that ASAP.

Our next wrap-up should appear in the New Year. Happy Holidays!

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