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Innovation Lab!!!!

A fitting first student reblog. We’re appreciative Fjolla shared this and it motivates us to keep working hard.

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The Things You Can’t Teach

In the back of Room 500, the old GHS Language Lab now serving as the central hub of Innovation Lab, the whiteboard from our old office hangs in the back left corner. Like an artifact on display in a museum, … Continue reading

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Building a New Beginning

Today ends another successful week in Innovation Lab. Students spent time buzzing about their STEM classroom researching organic compounds. In Humanities, the focus was persuasive communication, as students explored the ancient art of rhetoric and brainstormed positions they might take … Continue reading

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Tinkering in Desmos & Two Students’ Math Stories

Our STEM projects involve plenty of data collection, regression, analysis, and other math we call ‘statistical Algebra 2.’ This post is about how we’re studying ‘theoretical Algebra 2’ – the math you took in school. Beautiful to some and boring … Continue reading

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Innovation Lab Begins

At the end of our first day, we looked at each other with the same grinning awe people have when they just make the gate at an airport. A deep breath, a smirk, and a sense of relief. OneĀ idea two … Continue reading

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