Our STEM project and the carbon cycle

This week, we asked students to reflect on how their project relates to either the carbon, nitrogen, or phosphorus cycle. Jari’s post describes his group’s efforts to mimic the Great Pacific garbage patch. He included photos of his team’s work and technical knowledge gained through videos, online resources, and communication with his team.


For the past couple of weeks, my group (Kathryn, Siobhan, Jovanni, and me), have been working on setting up an experiment investigating the great pacific garbage patch. This is an area in the pacific ocean where plastics collect because of the currents. We are investigating how this affects the quality of the water and how well it can sustain life.In order to do this we filled up to 10 gallon tanks with water from Tod’s point. Then we added some live rock with
coralline algae and aiptasia on them that Robert got us (thank you Robe
rt!). Then we added a layer of plastics to one of the tanks. We are measuring various variables that could affect the water’s ability to sustain life. For example, level of nitrate ions, amount of dissolved oxygen, and pH.

IMG_0842 This is some of the live rock we got from Robert. Like you can see…

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