Through New Eyes: Our Visit to the MoMa

The highlight of my week was our trip to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. While many of our students had been to the museum before, the MoMA afforded us the opportunity to experience the kinds of paradigm shift that we have been discussing in our study of the 1920s.

FullSizeRender (1)

Although we can simulate many real world experiences in the classroom, InLab seeks to provide the kind of experiential learning that makes learning come to life. Both a bonding and a learning experience, the trip was designed to inspire students to see the impact of change in the world represented by artists who pushed boundaries and challenged others.

As they explored, students made their own connections. Keda remarked that she and Owen discussed the similarities between the painting “The Menaced Assassin” and the characters of Tom and Wilson in The Great Gatsby. Tess summed up the trip well in her blog: “we saw what we had been learning actually come to life.”

Einstein claimed thatIMG_1697 creativity is contagious, so we hope that students have been inspired as well. They are currently designing an independent project to symbolically demonstrate their understanding of the elements of modernism, and in STEM they will be creating an image that incorporates a piece of their identity inspired by modern art and rendering it in 3D with math software.

But perhaps the MoMa will inspire more than just the projects the student will create. Nicole wrote, “I am inspired [by “The False Mirror” by René Magritte] to become the best I can possible be by reaching for my dreams.” FullSizeRender

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