The STEM Self-Portrait / Bruce Museum

Last Friday, the STEM classes began our second quarter project. For their STEM Self-Portrait, students will create an image that reflects their identity and reproduce it in two ways. The digital piece is a Desmos (math software) recreation of their image. The physical piece, which will undergo at least one physical and/or chemical change, is their image in three-dimensions.

Sarah and I will be writing one or two detailed entries per week about the STEM Self-Portrait project, which are hosted on my own blog. Follow the links (Preamble, Days 1&2, Days 3&4) for day-to-day progress, live project documents, pictures, etc. Our Twitter is also active daily.

Bruce Museum (2/2/16)

We’re excited to announce a partnership with the Bruce Museum in downtown Greenwich for a showcase on February 2, 2016. Final decisions haven’t been made, but we plan to have students showcase their choice of either their STEM Self-Portrait or individually-designed Humanities project that night. More details will be released as 2/2 approaches.

Photos from this week:


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