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Individual Modernism Project Reflection

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Human Nature, 2015 oil and marker on canvas This painting represents Modernism. The colors used in this piece each have separate meanings. The green is envy/hate/jealousy/greed, the gold portrays wealth. The bright red of the blood…

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Humanities Modernism Project

On Friday, students submitted their independent Humanities projects that symbolically represented their understanding of Modernism. According to one definition, “Modernism was a philosophical and artistic movement of the early 20th century which portrayed the world of men as a harsh, … Continue reading

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In the Trenches…

Yesterday, a casual discussion turned from a student’s progress in understanding electron hybridization of orbits to branching out into VESPR molecular geometry theory. It’s exactly what I want to be doing on a Friday morning before lunch. The scene transitioned … Continue reading

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Outreach Plans and Info Sessions

Yesterday during lunch we held one of our biweekly Innovation Lab “Town Hall” meetings.  At these meetings Innovation Lab students and faculty come together to discuss issues, problem solve, make plans, and generally build the cohesive community that is Innovation … Continue reading

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