STEM Self-Portrait: Days 15-24

It’s been a frantic week back. Midterms and our February 2nd exhibition are both looming. I’ve given a STEM update on my own blog that you can read below.

Before that, though, a highlight worth sharing. Last month, InLab student Dylan reached out to a Manhattan Project scientist and Nobel Prize winner in Physics who is currently a professor at Harvard. They did a Skype interview for over an hour to help give Dylan a primary source perspective for his project. It was a proud moment for Mike Belanger and the entire team.

I’ve detailed of two student projects in the following blog. There are dozens more like them. We hope to see you at the Bruce Museum at 6:30PM on 2/2!

Math Problems

Sarah and I have decided this whole project-based learning thing is, in fact, a good idea. Over the next few months, we want to reflect more publicly on our second project: the STEM Self-Portrait. We’ll post as much as possible and your feedback, suggestions, and ideas are welcome in the comments below.

(This is post 6 of the series. Here’s the PreambleDays 1 & 2Days 3 & 4, Days 5 & 6Days 7-10, and Days 11-14.)

What have STEM students done in the last ten class days? They’ve created thousands of equations in Desmos. Before break, students mixed materials in the lab to demonstrate replacement reactions (and balance chemical equations). They spent hours researching chemicals in the physical component of their Self-Portrait. Many revised mathematical defenses of their Desmos equations. We often start class with “alright, keep going!” followed by two hours of us conferencing…

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