Peppermint Tea and Positivity

Isabella Sampedro Innovation Lab Blog

Saying thanks often isn’t enough to show gratitude, a few words cannot prove that you are grateful for what you have. It’s not in the words we say, but in the actions we take to show that we are thankful. This week being Thanksgiving week, it’s especially important to be grateful to those that make our lives better. Being grateful doesn’t only better the lives of those who we are thanking, but it benefits the person who is saying thanks. If you take a few moments every day to sit down and write three things you’re thankful for, it’ll make each day seem better. Practicing being grateful is important because it encourages us to appreciate people in our lives more. Before I go to sleep, I try to think of some of the things I’m thankful for. Even if I don’t write it down, just reflecting on the people who…

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