A Night at the Museum

On Wednesday, February 8th, GHS Innovation Lab sophomores exhibited their artwork at the Bruce Museum. A one-night event, hundreds of students, parents, and residents visited “Opposition and Change in Self and Society.” Today’s front-page story in the Greenwich Time features Jody, Lucas, Zach, and Jessica.

For the second year in a row, the Bruce closed their gallery the day of the exhibition. Curators met with students to stage and light their work in a space already full of professional artwork. When students arrived, they found name cards on tables; this small touch was just another reminder of how big a deal it is to have their artwork showcased in a museum. Many students were told their work “looks like it belongs here” and more than one person said the art “looks like something from MoMa.” The night was a victory lap of sorts – a culmination of months of work and a stage for students to shine.

Students presenting the artwork:

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Students’ physical pieces:

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Apparently I did not photo the finished Desmos artwork at the museum, but here are a few examples:

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