Taking a Stand on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Nicole’s thoughts on how the United States can take a stand to help solve the crisis in Syria, and how her work on her National History Day project addresses similar social and legal issues. Definitely worth a read…


Since the outbreak of the Civil War in Syria, an estimated 11 million Syrians have left their homes (syrianrefugees.eu).These syring have fled to other countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq,Germany and Jordan allowing them to escape the danger that is prevalent in Syria.

Syrian-refugees-landing.jpg Syrian refugees escaping Syria

So far, Turkey has accepted about 2.7 million refugees, Lebanon has accepted approximately 1 million, Iraq has taken 3.1 million, Germany has about 1.8 million and Jordan has approximately 650,000 refugees (amnesty.org). All of these countries have taken a stand against for the Syrian refugees by allowing to stay in their countries.

However, there are still many countries in the world who are refusing to allow Syrian refugees into their country in fear of terrorists groups potentially entering. One of these terrorists groups that the countries fear is ISIS.

trump-syrian-refugees-tweet-1-1.jpg Trump Tweets revealing his actions are based on fear.

The United States…

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