Vending Machine for a Cleaner Future

Ben’s thoughts on his group’s efforts to make a “Solar Powered Vending Machine.” To learn more about their progress, and about other Innovation Lab STEM Projects from this semester, join us for our Exhibition of Student Prototypes and Design tomorrow night, May 10, from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Arch Street Teen Center in Greenwich, CT!!

A Week in the Life of InLab

The focus for quarter four in STEM is a project titled: Eureka! It’s Battery Power. The goal of this project is to create or repurpose something so that it can be more sustainable and/or more portable. The project will most likely require the use of either a battery or a solar panel, which connects to redox reductions, a chemistry topic for this quarter. In a battery, many redox reductions are occurring when it is in use. As well, before we started the project we learned about circuits and electricity, which then helps us with wiring for our project.

For the project, my group has decided to take a vending machine and attach solar panels to it, allowing it to run on solar power, instead of on non-renewable resources. This will thus make it more sustainable, as solar power is a sustainable, renewable resource. Our eventual goal is to make the…

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