Reflecting on Sophomore Year Through my PoL

As we move into final exams, we can think of no better way to summarize the Innovation Lab year than to share a student’s experience with her end-of-year Presentation of Learning. This blog is WELL worth the read, and the videos worth the time to watch, to get a real sense of what a year in the life of an InLab student is really like. A million thanks to Jessica for sharing….

Jessica Neri

On May 31 during Humanities class I had my oral Presentation of Learning. I talked about my Sophomore year and the times where I was successful, and areas where I could improve. The Greenwich Public School system has a set of goals they want each student to get to before they graduate high school. These goals are the “Vision of the Graduate Capacities”, there are 12 of them, but I have chosen four of them to talk about  and reflect on my experiences with them this year in Innovation Lab. Each Innovation Lab student has had their oral Presentation of Learning in which we prepare to talk about two of the four capacities in front of our four InLab teachers. Once we finished presenting and reflecting on our projects and learning from this year while relating it back to the capacity, we were asked questions about our presentation by each…

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