Introducing Our New InLab Teachers

We are excited to share that we have expanded our physical space and our teaching staff! InLab has two new Cantor rooms, 516 and 520, a rehabilitated outdoor courtyard, and five additional faculty members.

Joining the 10th grade team of Michael Belanger (History/Design Studio) and Dana Schlosser (Chemistry/Design Studio) are Jessica von Brachel (English/Design Studio) and Lauren Moskovitz (Math).

Joining the 11th grade team of Christina Shaw (History/Program Associate), Courtney Hawes (English/Design Studio), and Brian Walach (Math/Design Studio) is Ben Gawle (Physics).

Founding teachers of the 12th grade team of Ric Felten (Science Research) and Joe Baske (Social Science Research) are supported by Design Studio 12 teachers, Courtney Hawes and Mike Belanger.

Learn more about our new teachers below!

Jessica von Brachel        English 10 Humanities jvbbiopic

Before I found my way into the best job I’ve ever held, I worked in a variety of fields in which the power of language and storytelling drove my work. What I lacked was a sense of community. Recognizing what I enjoyed doing and what I wanted to add to it led me, finally, to teaching high school English. Here at GHS I’ve had the opportunity to teach ninth grade English, Short Fiction, Film as Literature, and AP Language and Composition. It has been the most challenging and fulfilling work of my life. I am thrilled to be joining Innovation Lab as a partner with Mr. Belanger in Humanities.  I look forward to sharing my love of language, storytelling, and community with the sophomore class and to hearing what it is that drives and excites them. I look forward to finding meaning in our learning and to sharing our discoveries with the world outside of the classroom.

Lauren Moskovitz        Math 10 STEM

laurenbiopicI am super excited to join the Innovation Lab Team this coming 2017 – 18 school year.  I have been teaching mathematics at GHS for 14 years.  Over these years, I have been a part of several houses working with a diverse and talented team of teachers.  I have always strongly believed, from the very beginning days of my teaching career, that math and science shouldn’t be taught in isolation.  Without math how would we communicate the wonders of science?  Without science how would we continue to push the limits of mathematics?  STEM education connects our students’ worlds to their learning, which ultimately fosters deeper understandings.  This strong connection breeds ingenuity.  I am inspired to have this tremendous opportunity to collaborate with the Innovation Lab Team to bring science and math alive to my students.

Ben Gawle        Physics 11 STEM

bgawlebiopicWhen I graduated from Greenwich High School in 2005 I would not have believed I’d be returning to teach physics within the next decade (and neither would my physics teachers). I graduated from UConn with a degree in civil engineering, and after earning my certification, I went on to work at a small structural and forensic engineering firm in the city. Though climbing skyscrapers was fun, my real passion has always been for teaching and learning about science! I come from a family of mostly Connecticut teachers, so I guess you could say it’s in my blood.
While working at schools in New Canaan, I earned a Masters in physics education, and eventually returned home to Greenwich High School in 2016. It has been (and will continue to be) a great pleasure working with the team of professionals in the GHS Science Department, but I am also tremendously glad for this opportunity to branch out to the Innovation Lab next year! I look forward to exploring new ideas and inventing new ways to communicate my passion for science to InLab students this year and hopefully for many years to come.

Joseph Baske        Social Science Research 12

baskebiopicI’m so excited to have the opportunity to help guide the InLab seniors in their social science research class this coming year. In my 20+ years at GHS, I’ve taught everything from AP Euro and US history to Economics to ESL freshmen but always with an emphasis on project-based learning. I believe if my students leave with more questions than answers, I’ve done my job.

Outside the classroom, I passionately play and follow basketball, read history, and love to learn with my wonderful family who are all in the Greenwich schools.

My Favorites:

  • movies: Usual Suspects, Lego Movie
  • songs:  Dance Off, and Stop the World & Melt with You
  • books: Infinite Jest, Cultural Amnesia, Thinking Fast Thinking Slow, and From Dawn to Decadence
  • basketball moves: The Dirk and the Up & Under
  • food: steak and anything free or eaten with good friends tends to be delicious

I look forward to teaching and learning with InLab for many years to come.

Ric Felten        Science Research 12

Felten Bio PicI have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from SUNY at Buffalo and a master’s degree in chemistry from Saint Joseph College.  After ten years as a senior methods development industrial chemist, I founded a laboratory specializing in scanning electron microscopy as well as x-ray and infrared spectroscopy.  I have taught chemistry and physics for the past ten years, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to apply my past experiences to the senior research being performed in the Innovation Lab.    


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