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Application Deadline Extended!

Students who will be enrolled at Greenwich High School in Fall 2021 as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior are eligible to apply. The application deadline has been extended to March 24.

We are offering Humanities (interdisciplinary English and social studies in grades 9, 10, 11. STEM is only available in 11th grade (interdisciplinary Physics and pre-calc). Grade 12 is either Science Research or Social Science Research. All grade levels also take a Design Studio elective that meets the requirements for labs/SemSkills and project support.

Frequently Asked Questions About InLab

  1. Is there an honors option?

Yes.  All Innovation Lab students can opt into honors level courses.  There is precedent for this in departments across the school, including Social Studies and Art, where students take elective classes that are not segregated into honors and non-honors sections.  Students who wish to challenge themselves and who have met the requirements are provided with alternative and/or additional assignments that have been approved by the particular department.  Students in the honors option would have a weighted grade point average just as all other students who take honors classes in the wider high school. 

9th grade Innovation Lab includes Humanities (English and history all at 112/113/113A levels) and a required elective Design Studio 3x per cycle.

  1. How will teaching be differentiated in Innovation Lab?

Because the role of teacher has been moved from disseminator of information to learning coach, differentiation will be natural in Innovation Lab.  Instruction moves through three different modes of learning—independent, collaborative, and direct instruction—so that teachers can offer a personalized experience.  Once core content and essential questions are covered in larger group sessions, students research, reflect, and create projects based on this content.  During this time, teachers will have flexibility to tailor teaching and materials to students’ needs.  

  1. Will students get all the required credits and content that are needed to graduate?

Students will be taught all content and skills required by the standards set by GHS departments, the state of Connecticut, and Common Core.  All courses offered through Innovation Lab meet the requirements set by NCAA and college admissions.  As with all students in GHS, counselors will monitor student progress to ensure all credits and other requirements are met before graduation.

  1. Can my child still take AP courses?

There are no Advanced Placement courses offered within Innovation Lab, as they interfere with our focus on depth not breadth, as well as our flexible scheduling model. Students may take AP classes outside of InLab. Because Innovation Lab has a philosophy of interdisciplinary teaching, students will not be able to take AP classes for their core Science, Math, Social Studies, and English classes for their Sophomore and Junior years.  Students are, however, free to take any AP test they wish to take, and will be supported in preparing for these tests should they choose to take them.  Because Innovation Lab does not include Applied Arts and World Language classes, students may enroll in AP classes associated with these departments. Students in previous years have also opted to take AP courses from any other department as electives.

  1. Can students with an IEP be admitted into Innovation Lab?

As with all the other programs in the school, no student will be denied admittance into our program because of any special needs that they might have. Innovation Lab faculty will work with House resource room teachers and other support staff to provide all students with the tools that they need to succeed.  It should be noted, that while Innovation Lab could be for anyone, it might not be the right choice for everyone.  Students who need additional structure may be better served by other classes that we offer at the high school.  

  1. How will this change in program affect college applications and admissions?

Just as other special programs at the high school, a description of Innovation Lab will be included with an applicant’s transcript to help the college admissions offices grasp the ideology of Innovation Lab.  Through the teacher and counselor recommendations, and student personal essays, colleges will become aware of the truly unique experience we offer.  The team has spoken to more than twenty-five colleges and universities, including Ivy League schools.  All of the admissions offices at these institutions have offered support of our program and have expressed the fact that enrolling in Innovation Lab will not disadvantage a student applying to college. In fact, the students’ transcripts look virtually identical to students outside of the program. 100% of the class of 2018 and ‘19 were accepted to over 90 colleges and the total money in private grants and scholarships offered to the Innovation Lab seniors exceeded 3.4 million dollars.. 

  1. How do students get accepted into Innovation Lab?

There is a short application that students must complete in order to be considered for Innovation Lab.  Most of the questions require that the student reflects upon his or her own learning style.   You can find full instructions of the application process at Applications are due in March.

  1. What do I do if I want more information?

Email at or go to our website:  Please feel free to also schedule an appointment with any member of our team. 

A sample of comments provided by the parents indicates a high degree of student engagement, satisfaction, and achievement:

  • “My daughter developed her academic competence through the Innovation Lab curriculum. She is alive at school and proactively participating in all the school programs. I think Innovation Lab fits my daughter’s strength and her unique background, it is a life-changer for her. Also, teachers are excellent, their attention, dedication, and its commitment to the program are [at an] outstanding level, really appreciated!”
  • “I’m so glad to have Innovation Lab as an option at GHS. My child definitely learns best in an experiential setting. The dedication of the teachers always blows me away, as does the creativity the students demonstrate in their projects.  I truly enjoy seeing all the projects and how the students have evolved this school year. Big credit to the wonderful teachers for their guidance, support, and 100% devotion to the students.”
  • “Innovation Lab is preparing my child for real life: be accountable, responsible; a team player and an innovator.”
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