Welcome to Innovation Lab!

Greenwich High School’s Innovation Lab is a project-based learning program dedicated to fostering creativity, collaboration, and curiosity in a rigorous academic setting that meets all of the core course requirements. This application-based, personalized community emphasizes the importance of partnerships between students and teachers. Social Studies and English are combined into Humanities, while Math and Science are combined into STEM. The interdisciplinary curriculum functions separately from Advanced Placement courses as InLab’s philosophy concentrates more on the benefits of deep learning. However, with proper planning, enrollment in AP courses remains an option for qualified students. 

Project-based learning encourages students to use what they learn in the classroom to inspire large-scale research projects that tackle real-world issues. Much of the research conducted is presented to a wider audience or exhibited at public organizations and museums. For example, classes are invited to curate an exhibition at Greenwich’s Bruce Museum, as well as enter their projects into competitions at the national level. Innovation Lab embeds the GHS Vision of the Graduate capacities throughout the program with a focus on developing research skills and collaboration skills both inside and outside of the classroom and incorporates the principles of the Stanford d.school’s design thinking and innovation. 



Applications for 2022 Are Open

Students who will be enrolled at Greenwich High School in Fall 2022 as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior are eligible to apply.

We are offering Humanities (interdisciplinary English and social studies) in grades 9, 10, 11. STEM is available in 10th and 11th grade (an interdisciplinary double-block Environmental Chemistry or Physics). Grade 12 is either Science Research or Social Science Research. All grade levels also take a Design Studio elective that meets the requirements for labs/SemSkills and project support.

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