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Students Create Innovation Lab Video

For students, By students: Alex, Ben, Nina, and Sophie created an informational video about InLab [here]. Enjoy!

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InLab Visits Emulate Bio in Boston

When you’re a student, the rare day off during the week is glorious and second to only a surprise snow day. The day before feels like a Friday; you get to sleep in and usually you spend most of the … Continue reading

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Nina and Alex vlog about STEM

Over the last two weeks, we asked students to experiment with a different type of blog format when writing about their air launchers from STEM class. Nina and Alex chose to vlog about it and we were blown away when … Continue reading

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Learning Projectile Motion through Air Launchers (Safely!)

August 31, 2017: The first day of class What better way to study projectile motion in STEM 11 than to launch projectiles? It makes so much sense; in Physics, the first semester is devoted to the study of displacement, velocity, … Continue reading

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Why are we doing this?

If you were a rich Greek in 100 B.C., it was not uncommon to pay a tutor to come to your villa and teach you math. When it cooled off later in the afternoon, you might gather with the other … Continue reading

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Can You Help Me with This?

In high school I worked, on average, twenty-five hours per week at the Staples Copy & Print Center in town. It was a cushy job in large part because roaming Office Supplies was the worst; I remember how satisfied customers were when you … Continue reading

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A Night at the Museum

On Wednesday, February 8th, GHS Innovation Lab sophomores exhibited their artwork at the Bruce Museum. A one-night event, hundreds of students, parents, and residents visited “Opposition and Change in Self and Society.” Today’s front-page story in the Greenwich Time features Jody, Lucas, … Continue reading

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Student Voice [Full Post]

A draft of this post was sent earlier in error. Below is the full post. We would do well to listen to students more. They are more connected to the “real world” than most adults were at their age. They follow the President … Continue reading

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Numerical Equations Representing Self-Change

Originally posted on Jody Bell:
I stare at the elaborate rubric for the history essay due next week. My mind already trudging through the tedious research and annoyingly overthought writing process needed to complete the assignment. The topic was relatively…

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Peppermint Tea and Positivity

Originally posted on Isabella Sampedro Innovation Lab Blog:
Saying thanks often isn’t enough to show gratitude, a few words cannot prove that you are grateful for what you have. It’s not in the words we say, but in the actions…

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