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Woven Chronicle

Last Monday, Innovation Lab sophomores attended our second annual trip to the Modern Museum of Art in New York City. Below is Sydney’s reflection on the experience. — Our second quarter project is a collaboration of STEM and Humanities. This individual … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Growth Mindset

Originally posted on Lucas Brien's Blog:
I always have been, and I always will be, bad at math. This is what I told myself so many times last year, even though my struggles in Honors Geometry were largely attributed to the…

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Innovation Lab Video

We’re excited to share this short video about Innovation Lab students and their projects. Thank you to Fjolla, Kathryn, Emily, and Alex for narrating and to all students for their hard work this year.

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National History Day State Competition

On Saturday, six Innovation Lab students competed in the National History Day State Finals at Central Connecticut State University. Participants spent the days and weeks before the competition putting the finishing touches on their projects, getting feedback from parents, teachers … Continue reading

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Bruce Museum Exhibition

On Tuesday, February 2, 41 students exhibited their work at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT. Bruce staff members Corrine, Anna, and Dan were essential during the set-up earlier in the day. We are grateful to the hundreds of attendees who … Continue reading

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Individual Modernism Project Reflection

Originally posted on katherinehurst12:
Human Nature, 2015 oil and marker on canvas This painting represents Modernism. The colors used in this piece each have separate meanings. The green is envy/hate/jealousy/greed, the gold portrays wealth. The bright red of the blood…

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Innovation Lab!!!!

A fitting first student reblog. We’re appreciative Fjolla shared this and it motivates us to keep working hard.

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Weekly Wrap-up: Trailblazers Day

There’s a reason schools and workplaces organize orientations and ongoing team-building events. People need to be comfortable around their colleagues and it takes a shared experience to form those connections. Icebreakers are great, but it’s also important to bond through … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up: Snowy Schedules & More Innovation Labs

Our district had three two-hour delays and one snow day this week, so ‘frantic’ might be the best descriptor of most teachers in the building. Cutting down assessments or cramming traditional lessons into 34 minute blocks is tough on us, … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up: Time to Tune Projects

In last week’s wrap-up we saw a glimpse of our team benefiting from a fresh take on our own ideas; this week, another teacher’s glance at an ongoing problem and their subsequent solution showed how important it is to tune projects … Continue reading

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