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On Risk-Taking, Constructive Criticism, and Gratitude

On Risk-Taking, Constructive Criticism, and Gratitude Yesterday at the end of class, students voted for a little informal Friday therapy, a chance to reflect and share. Silence followed when they were asked about challenges or concerns that they faced this … Continue reading

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Humanities Modernism Project

On Friday, students submitted their independent Humanities projects that symbolically represented their understanding of Modernism. According to one definition, “Modernism was a philosophical and artistic movement of the early 20th century which portrayed the world of men as a harsh, … Continue reading

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Through New Eyes: Our Visit to the MoMa

The highlight of my week was our trip to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. While many of our students had been to the museum before, the MoMA afforded us the opportunity to experience the kinds of paradigm shift … Continue reading

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Reflections on Creating Culture and Arranging Furniture

Some of the furniture we ordered months ago arrived today, and it reminded me a little of the changes that happened when the students arrived. We celebrated the newness and the fulfilment of our wishes, and then we wondered how … Continue reading

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