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Spring Fever…

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Between the return to Daylight Savings Time, the beautiful weather over Spring Break, and this week’s April showers (come on May flowers!!!), it truly feels that we are finally throwing of the mantle of Old Man Winter and emerging anew.  Admittedly our … Continue reading

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Taking a Stand on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Since the outbreak of the Civil War in Syria, an estimated 11 million Syrians have left their homes ( syring have fled to other countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq,Germany and Jordan allowing them to escape…

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STEAM Project Physical Piece Reflection

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Originally posted on Eva Moore:
For our STEAM project, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), we were told to make any form of art through which we expressed our thoughts on a social issue. Our projects were displayed in the…

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Standards, NOT standardization!

“Accountability” is a hot topic in education today.  From Senate confirmation hearings, to state legislatures, to local districts and schools, everyone wants to know: How are we going to ensure that ALL students have access to a quality education and how … Continue reading

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Numerical Equations Representing Self-Change

Originally posted on Jody Bell:
I stare at the elaborate rubric for the history essay due next week. My mind already trudging through the tedious research and annoyingly overthought writing process needed to complete the assignment. The topic was relatively…

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Beginning with the End in Mind…

Conventional wisdom has it (and rightly so…) that if you want to be successful in any endeavor you must “begin with the end in mind.”  We intuitively understand that having a clear mental picture of what you are striving toward will … Continue reading

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STEM Project Exhibitions – Eureka, it really IS battery power (and solar power, and hydropower, and…..)

As we approach the end of the school year, Innovation Lab students are busy putting the finishing touches on the final STEM Project of the year – the Eureka! It’s Battery Power Project!!!.  For this project, students were expected to … Continue reading

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Eureka! It’s Battery Power!!!

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The past two weeks in STEM have seen the beginning of our next major project, which we are calling “Eureka!  It’s Battery Power!!!”  Linking to our marking period motif of “Inspiration” and those “a-ha” moments that drive innovation and progress, this project … Continue reading

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Outreach Plans and Info Sessions

Yesterday during lunch we held one of our biweekly Innovation Lab “Town Hall” meetings.  At these meetings Innovation Lab students and faculty come together to discuss issues, problem solve, make plans, and generally build the cohesive community that is Innovation … Continue reading

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What a week!

Wow, what a week it has been in Innovation Lab!  We’ve seen and been seen, and it’s been a blast. On Tuesday, Innovation Lab students and faculty took our show on the road to the Grass Island Waste Water Treatment … Continue reading

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