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Students Create Innovation Lab Video

For students, By students: Alex, Ben, Nina, and Sophie created an informational video about InLab [here]. Enjoy!

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Nina and Alex vlog about STEM

Over the last two weeks, we asked students to experiment with a different type of blog format when writing about their air launchers from STEM class. Nina and Alex chose to vlog about it and we were blown away when … Continue reading

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Woven Chronicle

Last Monday, Innovation Lab sophomores attended our second annual trip to the Modern Museum of Art in New York City. Below is Sydney’s reflection on the experience. — Our second quarter project is a collaboration of STEM and Humanities. This individual … Continue reading

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Survival Post-Society

Wednesday morning, around 9:30 AM, the entirety of Innovation Lab along with anyone in Greenwich High School interested in hearing Emily St. John Mandel speak about her book, Station Eleven, made their way down to the Performing Arts Center. There … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Growth Mindset

Originally posted on Lucas Brien's Blog:
I always have been, and I always will be, bad at math. This is what I told myself so many times last year, even though my struggles in Honors Geometry were largely attributed to the…

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Individual Modernism Project Reflection

Originally posted on katherinehurst12:
Human Nature, 2015 oil and marker on canvas This painting represents Modernism. The colors used in this piece each have separate meanings. The green is envy/hate/jealousy/greed, the gold portrays wealth. The bright red of the blood…

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Our STEM project and the carbon cycle

Originally posted on jarizegers2000:
For the past couple of weeks, my group (Kathryn, Siobhan, Jovanni, and me), have been working on setting up an experiment investigating the great pacific garbage patch. This is an area in the pacific ocean where…

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Innovation Lab!!!!

A fitting first student reblog. We’re appreciative Fjolla shared this and it motivates us to keep working hard.

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