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Why InLab?

Originally posted on Jessica Neri :
Innovation Lab is a project based learning program that was created to help students succeed and learn based on interest. Students are able to share their learning in a way that interests them, which will give student the…

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Life of a Project

This past Friday marked the end of the first quarter. The sophomore class finished up their intellect themed projects. The Humanities muckrakers project and documentaries were finished and the STEM room was abuzz with the breakdown of Air, Soil and … Continue reading

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The Strength of Community

According to research, the effects of creating strong community for our students is positive and far reaching, but for some reason this gets complicated for many large schools.  Within Innovation Lab our philosophy and our scheduling make it a bit … Continue reading

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Learning to Juggle

Mrs. Miles would hold discussions on the ethical decisions that Beowulf would make when hunting down Grendel, Chaucer’s commentary on his view of his “modern day” Britain, and would have us try to apply Swift’s solutions with a “Modest Proposal” to … Continue reading

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Beginning with the End in Mind…

Conventional wisdom has it (and rightly so…) that if you want to be successful in any endeavor you must “begin with the end in mind.”  We intuitively understand that having a clear mental picture of what you are striving toward will … Continue reading

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As our inaugural year winds down, we, teachers, reflect on our experience as well. The year-end is always a bittersweet time; I never feel as if I have done enough, helped enough, challenged and taught and championed and supported enough. I am often reminded of Maya Angelou’s famous line: “When we cast our bread upon the waters, we can presume that someone downstream whose face we will never know will benefit from our action.”

If only we knew the impact.

But this year, we have a remarkable opportunity for which I am grateful… we will join our students further down the river, and we will continue together again next year. That is enough. Continue reading

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Light Bulbs

“Imagine that you enter a parlor. You come late. When you arrive, others have long preceded you, and they are engaged in a heated discussion, a discussion too heated for them to pause and tell you exactly what it is … Continue reading

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Watching Learning Happen

I sit quietly Friday morning, watching the aftermath of a “knowledge dump” (That’s what I’m going to call it) session on radiation. The white board was full of information of nuclear radiation equations, particle penetration and energy levels, and general characteristics … Continue reading

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STEM Project Exhibitions – Eureka, it really IS battery power (and solar power, and hydropower, and…..)

As we approach the end of the school year, Innovation Lab students are busy putting the finishing touches on the final STEM Project of the year – the Eureka! It’s Battery Power Project!!!.  For this project, students were expected to … Continue reading

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National History Day State Competition

On Saturday, six Innovation Lab students competed in the National History Day State Finals at Central Connecticut State University. Participants spent the days and weeks before the competition putting the finishing touches on their projects, getting feedback from parents, teachers … Continue reading

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