Air, Soil, Water (STEM)

In our first (ever) STEM project, students answered a question related to air, soil, and water quality in Greenwich. Many explored the use of fertilizers and filters as they relate to water runoff. Our initial project description, which was adjusted as we went, is available below:

Photos of class, field trip, and videoconference during the project. For photos of specific student projects and their designs, see their blog posts about the project below.

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Student blog posts about their projects
(including photos/links to final description):

Joey, Anselmo, Owen, James
Flora, Katherine H., Emma, Nicole
Tyler, Enzo, Juliana, Dylan
Carly, Emily, Pierce, Sam
Alex S., Alex K. Riley E., Tess
Rich, Grant, Angelina, Chloe
Fjolla, Julia, Rylie M., Sofi dlS
Destene, Molly, Keda
Jari, Kathryn P., Jovanni, Siobhan
Kevin, Calvin, Ziare, Andrew
Robert, Sofia D., Jane, Grayson

This poster hangs outside our common room with QR codes that link to their final documents:Final Project Poster