Germany Memorial Park (Humanities)

The first Humanities project the freshmen are tasked with is researching, curating, designing, and presenting a memorial park for Berlin to mark the triumphs and tragedies of German history from 1870-today (see time periods below). With this, students explored complex themes of loss of innocence, human nature, and civility through the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

Through this memorial park, the world can learn the lessons of our past.  As a team of artists, authors, historians, and urban planners, students work together to create a memorial park that reflects clear and considerate responses to the following essential questions:

  • How and why does a successful and enlightened society fail? 
  • What does Germany’s journey from Unification to World War to Partition to Reunification teach us about development, democratization, and interconnectedness? 
  • To what extent have the triumphs and tragedies of German history shaped its modern society?
  • How do memorials and monuments reflect the changing contexts, values, and perspectives of society? 

Time periods:

  1. Unified Imperial Germany to WWI (1870-1918)
  2. Post WWI/Weimar Republic (1919-1933)
  3. Nazi Germany//World War II  (1933-1945)
  4. Partition/Post-World War II Division (1946-1961)
  5. Cold War and The Berlin Wall (1961-1989)
  6. Reunification to Present (1990-present)
Grace, Hannah, Emma, and Lana showcasing their project about the Weimar Republic

Watch a project video journal here!