Student Blogs

Students blogs are one example of making our work public. We assign one post per week – the subject varies – and it encourages students to reflect and write about what they’re doing.

Featured Blogs:
Alex C.  Jody B.  Liam B.

The full list of blogs can be found below.

Seniors (12th Grade) Juniors (11th Grade) Sophomores (10th Grade)

Carly B.
Sam B.
Flora B.
Anselmo B.
Rich C.
Grant C.
Andrew D.
Sofi dlS.
Sofia D.
Dylan F.
Joey F.
Fjolla G.
Jane G.
Calvin H.
Angelina I.
Alex K.
Tess L.
Rylie M.
Grayson M.
Siobhan N.
Pierce O.
Kathryn P.
Alexander S.
Nicole W.
Kai W.-A.
Jari Z.


Charles A.
Sophie A.
Sam B.
Jody B.
Lucas B.
Connor B.
Alex C.
Sam C.
Nic dlS
Wassim D.
Sophia F.
Sydney H.
Nina H.
Zach K.
Adi M.
Santiago M.
Ridge M.
Andrew N.
Jessica N.
Evan P.
Tyler R.
Julian R.
Isabella S.
Courtney S.
Fabian S.-B.
Jess T.
Grahame U.
Shiv V.
Ben W.
Preston B.
Ben B.
Liam B.
Kevin C.
Ari C.
Luca D.
Max L.
Mark L.
James M.
Manny M.
Gracie M.
Ryan M.
Emma O.
Liv R.
Finn S.
Will T.
Dan T.
Kaija T.
Iven Z.
Our Design Studio 12 teachers (Hawes, Belanger) advise these student blogs. Our Design Studio 11 teachers (Walach, Hawes) advise these student blogs. Our Design Studio 10 teachers (Belanger, Von Brachel, Schlosser, Gawle) advise these student blogs