More Innovative Schools

There are schools across the country and world innovating in their own ways. Some that have inspired us are below:

US High Schools:

  • High Tech High School (San Diego, CA): Often the first school people have heard of when discussing progressive, project-based, real world learning, High Tech High was started in the early 2000s and leads the charge for deeper learning in education. Their college data page is pretty impressive. Check out the videos on their website or the video below.

  • New Trier High School (Northfield, IL): New Trier’s Integrated Global Studies School hits a lot of the same goals we’re aiming for – interdisciplinary coursework that bridges the gap between school and the real world. They have a video below worth checking out.

  • Mid-Pacific eXploratory Program (Honolulu, HI): MPX seems to be the school who was in the most similar situation when they started. A self-described “school within a school,” MPX has been mentioned in blogs for their year-long project around sustainable gardens. Their brochure to students is worth checking out.
  • NYC iSchool (New York, NY): Our team was lucky enough to visit iSchool – take a look at our thoughts here.

  • Brookline SWS (School within a School) (Brookline, MA): This school within a school has some parallels to ours and some things that they do completely differently. Their weekly Town Meeting idea is pretty neat – check out their site for more info.
  • Animas High School (Durango, CO): This school based their project-based curriculum around High Tech High’s. They’re small, but it’s another fantastic example of 21st century learning.
  • Castle View High School (Castle Rock, CO): A quote from a June 2014 article summarizes their program well: “Castle View High School Principal James Calhoun believes the majority of high-school students are compliant and somewhat disengaged, with untapped reservoirs for deep learning. A new program that will be introduced at CVHS this fall is designed to reach that core.” They sound very similar to us.

US Colleges & Universities

  • Olin College of Engineering (Needham, MA): Olin is a project-based engineering college outside of Boston. They were founded with the goal of graduating innovators in engineering and are proof project-based learning is available at the university level as well. 
    Here’s a mini-panel discussion with a professor from Olin and Harvard Innovation Lab’s Tony Wagner about developing an innovation-driven workforce:

International Schools

  • Studio Schools UK (England, United Kingdom) are a group of schools with a very close tie to the community. Schools are opened in partnership with a business or organization and students have long-term internships and courses often co-taught by professionals from a community member. We spoke to them via video chat and were able to take away ideas about connecting to our own community. We heard about them through the TED talk below.

There are tons more – these are just our highlights. Keep sending them our way!

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