Teacher Team

Christina encourages Mike to get his hands dirty while InLab faculty and students plant flowers in our courtyard.

Greenwich High School Innovation Lab is teacher-led with the support of administration. Teachers are organized into two areas, Humanities and STEM. Teacher collaboration and planning are integral to the InLab programs. Student projects are managed by either the Humanities or STEM team, but input and feedback is received from all teachers. Teachers also share responsibility for the Design Studio required elective.

Any email to ghsinnovationlab@greenwich.k12.ct.us will reach all ten team members.

The 2020-2021 Team:

Humanities (Cantor 518)STEM (Cantor 517)
Michael Belanger (email)
Courtney Hawes (email)
Kathy Mendez (email)
Jessica von Brachel (email)
Joe Baske (
Brian Walach (@mrwalachemail)
Ben Gawle (email)

Rick Baxley (email)
Program Administrator: Christina Shaw (email)

Program Associate:    Courtney Hawes (email)

A Reaching Out Grant from the Greenwich Alliance for Education supports some materials, projects, and the Physics R&D for the inaugural year of the program.

Students and teachers at the annual Greenwich Alliance for Education Grant Reception (Fall ’15).
Dr. Sarah Goldin talks water quality with students at Greenwich’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (Fall ’15).

inlab team

We are forever grateful for the team of educators and partners-in-education for making Innovation Lab possible.

Research & development in 2014-2015 was supported by a very generous Reaching Out Grant from the Greenwich Alliance for Education and guidance from Greenwich Leadership Partners. Our team: Michael Belanger, Sarah Goldin, Kyaiera Mistretta, Christina Shaw, Brian Walach.

During 2013-2014, an exploratory team of teachers and administrators with support from Greenwich Leadership Partners did initial research and development for Innovation Lab.

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  3. Nina Hirai says:

    Awesome bunch of teachers!

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