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Innovation Lab in the Press

GHS Innovation Lab Students Win Top Prizes in Genocide Awareness Contest (Greenwich Free Press, 5/9/22).   

Greenwich High social studies teacher helps students ‘see beyond the four walls of this school’ (Greenwich Time, 1/29/2022)   

GHS Innovation Lab Students Venture to Greenwich Ave for “Man in the Street” Interviews (Greenwich Free Press, 9/17/2018)   

Greenwich High students focus on passions in Innovation Lab (Greenwich Time, 10/2/2018).  Greenwich Alliance for Education awards 18 grants totaling $208,000 (Greenwich Time, 10/5/2017)
GHS Innovation Lab continues to grow in final pilot year (Greenwich Time, 10/1/2017)
Greenwich students tackle self, society at showcase (Greenwich Time, 2/10/2017)
GHS Innovation Lab going strong in its second year (Greenwich Time, 12/27/2016)
GHS’ Innovation Lab gets another pilot year (Greenwich Time, 3/1/2016)
InLab students exhibit at Bruce Museum (Greenwich Time, 2/2/2016)
Project-Based Learning at GHS Innovation Lab Culminates in Bruce Museum Exhibition (Greenwich Free Press, 2/3/2016)
Greenwich educators say staff development is catching up with digital learning initiative
(Greenwich Time, 12/29/15)
Students find a personal stake in learning
(Greenwich Time, 12/7/15, full PDF)2015-12-11
Celebrating $97K in Grant Awards from Greenwich Alliance Starting with Innovation Lab at GHS (Greenwich Free Press, 9/30/15)
Greenwich High School ready to debut its ‘school within a school’ (Greenwich Time, 4/27/15)
Meet the GHS Innovation Lab Team. 
Greenwich High School launching Innovation Lab (Greenwich Time, 12/1/14)


If you’re a teacher or just interested, check out some of the resources below. We also post new ones from time to time in the Reading & Watching Category of our site.

Schools That Inspire Us

Unique, Ongoing Projects Sustain Newton North’s Greengineering Program (Newton, MA)
Engineering Elevated at MPX STEM (Mid-Pacific Institute, Honolulu, HI)
STEM and Humanities Combine at Mid-Pacific eXploratory (Mid-Pacific Institute, Honolulu, HI)
Middle School SEEQS Sustainable PBL (SEEQS, Honolulu, HI)
A Visit to New York City’s iSchool
(New York, NY)
The Group Trip to the Springfield Renaissance School (Springfield, MA)
Sarah’s Visit to the Drexel ExCITe Center (Drexel, Philadelphia, PA)
Sarah’s Visit to MIT’s D-Lab (MIT, Boston, MA)
The Deeper Learning Mindset (High Tech High, San Diego, CA)
A Community of Questioners (High Tech High, San Diego, CA)
Amped Up
(High Tech High, San Diego, CA)
High Tech High: Literally Awesome (High Tech High, San Diego, CA)

FAQ Posts

Who’s the target student?
Why Change? Creating a Laboratory for Innovation and Change
Why? Defining the Need…
What Could a School Day Look Like?
Why? Defining the Need… Part II
What is STEM?
What Might Assessment Look Like?


2013-2014 Resources

The following list of resources guided the 2013-2014 team in initial research and development. 

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list, but a compilation of some of the more helpful resources the team has found during the research and development phase of the school design. Articles and content are loosely organized and may be rearranged over time.

School Design:
Four Essential Principles of Blended Learning (Mindshift, 8/2013)
Blended Learning & School Design (Coursera MOOC, 2013)
Blended Learning Implementation Guide (DLN Smart Series, 2013)
Blending the Best of Online and Face-to-Face Learning to Improve Student Outcomes (schoolwires, 8/2012)
Carnegie Design Principles (Carnegie)
How Digital Learning Contributes to Deeper Learning (Getting Smart)

Examples of other Progressive Models:
Program Expands Definition of Education (6/27/2014) – very similar to us!

Newton High School’s Innovation Lab (video)
Next-Gen Schools Thriving in Detroit (5/2013)
Lessons from Success Academy (Fall 2013)
High Tech High (Fall 2013)
Breakthrough Models for College Readiness (NGLC, 2013)

The Case for Change:
Thinking for the Future (12/2013)
Towards a New End: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (6/2013)
Making Mastery Work: A Close-up View of Competency Education (Nellie Mae Ed. Foundation, 2012)
The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning (Christensen Institute, 2011)
Intellectual Need and Problem-Free Activity in the Mathematics Classroom (USC SD)

Leadership & Organizational Structure:
What a Teacher-Powered School Looks Like (MindShift, 5/2014)
How Transparency Can Transform School Culture (MindShift, 5/2014)
Taking the Board to School on Educational Tech (AGB, 2013)

Learning Styles:
Taking Notes? Bring a Pen, Skip the Computer (Boston Globe, 5/2014)


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