Presentations of Learning (PoLs)

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.”

-John Dewey

Presentations of Learning (PoLs) provide a rich opportunity for cross-disciplinary, summative assessment while developing students’ abilities to reflect meaningfully on their work.  As such, PoLs are a key ingredient in deep, project-based learning.

Innovation Lab students prepare full-length summative Presentations of Learning each spring through which they reflect, both in writing and in panel discussions, on their growth and learning.  To prepare for their PoLs, student analyze the academic, personal, and interpersonal capacities articulated in the Greenwich Public Schools Vision of the Graduate to reflect upon areas of strength and areas for growth as demonstrated using specific examples from their project work in both STEM and Humanities courses.  Project-specific “mini-PoLs” are also used throughout the year to help prepare students for their end of the year summative experience, following a condensed format.

Presentations of Learning Resources

Innovation Lab Deeper Learning 2017 PoLs workshop

PoLs at the Deeper Learning Conference 2017


Innovation Lab Video examples

Mini-PoLs from the Humanities “Taking a Stand” National History Day Project


Students made this video as a “mini-POL” for the STEM “Eureka! It’s Battery Power” Project

Innovation Lab Written Reflection examples

Sample 1 – PoLs Written Reflection (212 level)

Sample 2 – PoLs Written Reflection (212 level)

Sample 3 – PoLs Written Reflection (213 level)

Sample 4 – PoLs Written Reflection (213 level)


Sample instruction documents and rubrics

GHS Innovation Lab: PoLs Overview and Tentative Schedule 2016  

GHS Innovation Lab: Presentations of Learning (PoLs) Instructions

GHS Innovation Lab: Rubric for PoLs Oral Presentation

GHS Innovation Lab: Rubric for P0Ls Written Analysis

GHS Innovation Lab: Rubric for PoLs Written Analysis Copy for Students

GHS Innovation Lab: National History Day 2017 – Mini-PoL Written Reflection


Other great examples of, and resources for, PoLs

Student Made Videos as POLs: High Tech High App:  HTH students made this video as a PoL describing their creation of an app.

Video: Presentations Of Learning at High Tech High:  Rob Riordan facilitates an examination of PoL videos and rubrics at a HTH Chula Vista faculty meeting

Video: IOL (Interview of Learning) 9th Grade Multimedia:  An interesting alternative, an online interview version of a PoL, as from a HTH multmedia course

Overview of PoLs at Eagle Rock School:  Another school’s approach to and description of their PoLs  

Project-Based Learning and Presentations:  An analysis of the difference between a “presentation” and a “presentation of learning” with practical tips on how to make the shift