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The Strength of Community

According to research, the effects of creating strong community for our students is positive and far reaching, but for some reason this gets complicated for many large schools.  Within Innovation Lab our philosophy and our scheduling make it a bit … Continue reading

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Learning to Juggle

Mrs. Miles would hold discussions on the ethical decisions that Beowulf would make when hunting down Grendel, Chaucer’s commentary on his view of his “modern day” Britain, and would have us try to apply Swift’s solutions with a “Modest Proposal” to … Continue reading

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Beginning with the End in Mind…

Conventional wisdom has it (and rightly so…) that if you want to be successful in any endeavor you must “begin with the end in mind.”  We intuitively understand that having a clear mental picture of what you are striving toward will … Continue reading

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Sustainable Learning

On their last day of summer, Kathryn and Sofia came to school to work on a project from a class they finished over two months ago. In February, they started researching methods of removing the salt from saltwater. When they didn’t … Continue reading

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