GHS Innovation Lab

We’re excited to share that we’ll be calling the new program the GHS Innovation Lab from here on out. At our retreat in June, we mentioned wanting a name that reflects deeper learning in and for the real world; after months of debate and input from our team and other staff members, we think we’ve got it. Our team’s thoughts are below.

I like the name Innovation Lab because the meaning is clear. The word innovation implies building on prior knowledge, taking what is known and transforming it into the stuff of the future. While labs, no matter if it is a scientific laboratory, a photography lab or writing lab, are places for experimentation and practice.

The best names are accurate, accessible, and inspiring, and I think “Innovation Lab” fits the bill on all counts.  “Innovation” clearly and proudly conveys a bold combination of intellect and creativity, while “Lab” carries an implicit recognition that we are creating a space where questions beget questions, where success is a habit of mind rather than a finite endpoint, and where “failure” is merely an unexpected detour in a new direction.

I love the name Innovation Lab because it’s just that – a lab. A lab where students and teachers can experiment with new strategies, new projects, and new modes of learning. Just like any good lab, we can share out our findings with the school and take suggestions for additional strategies to pilot.

I like Innovation Lab because it conjures up in my mind images of students being creative, collaborative, and driven by purpose.  These are not only sound adjectives for good education but also apply to those we deem successful in countless professional fields.  This name is not pretentious and thus easily accessible to all who hear it.
– Christina

The name Innovation Lab captures the core mission of the school as a place where new teaching and learning strategies can be developed and students are free to experiment and explore their creativity. However, none of this work will be–or should be–disconnected from GHS or the Greenwich community. As Tony Wagner says, “Innovation [is] the process of having original ideas and insights that have value, and then implementing them so that they are accepted and used by significant numbers of people.” With this in mind, Innovation Lab is the perfect name for an educational environment based on the goal of fostering originality and impacting the community at large.
In our first discussions about a new school-within-a-school at GHS we envisioned an educational environment that inspires and prepares students to identify their interests and pursue learning in new and purposeful ways – ways that more closely align with the 21st century knowledge and innovation based economy. Our vision for deeper learning challenged conventional thinking about teaching, learning, and school structure. As an incubator of ideas and strategies in a location where all GHS teachers can observe and reflect, our school name, Innovation Lab, communicates the core mission of the school.
Chris Winters, GHS Headmaster
Stephanie Rogen, Greenwich Leadership Partners
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