Weekly Wrap-up: Reaching Out to Students

Student Perspective (what could the day look like)

The ‘Space’ part of our visual gets the biggest reaction. We want a space that is as conducive to innovative skills as possible.

1. We took Innovation Lab on the road this week and visited freshman classes. We tried out a few different styles of presentation and found a couple that work really well. The best part is getting into small clusters of students and answering their questions. You can see the students who immediately grab on to this and who are excited to apply. The three presentations I was part of started with students describing something they’re passionate about, finding others with similar interests, and then leading into a discussion of why we think Innovation Lab can be great for people with those strong passions. We are appreciative to our flexible teachers and the time they’ve given to us to talk to their classes.

2. Designing the letter to send home to parents of our students is integral in getting our message out and accurately describing the school. We want short and sweet while still delivering a cohesive description of InLab. That should go out in the next couple weeks.

3. Some feedback we received from students is that they’re apprehensive about their chances in a lottery selection. Apparently, they have the same confidence of over-enrollment that we do. Individualization interests them. Designing their own projects (within a framework) interests them. Re-imagined classroom space really interests them. It’s motivating to know the major interests they have are things we are incorporating into Innovation Lab.

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