STEAM Project Physical Piece Reflection

Eva’s thoughts on her “Oppositon and Change” project and exhibiting at the Bruce Museum. Art as social commentary, chemistry, time management and pubic speaking – it’s all here!

Eva Moore

For our STEAM project, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), we were told to make any form of art through which we expressed our thoughts on a social issue. Our projects were displayed in the Bruce Museum in town as a public exhibition. My physical piece was about the importance of nutrition, and I expressed it through a board with two sets of melted crayons and two sets of gears. Each side of the board had one set of each. The front side was representing what someone’s internal body systems appear like if they are eating nutritiously, and the back side represented what someone’s body systems look like if they don’t eat nutritiously. The “good” side was a rainbow of melted crayons, which represented the full variety of nutrients your body needs, and the gears moved smoothly as one unit to represent the functionality of the body when it is…

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